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Does the King Fall?

Dateline: 05/18/98

Don King, the king of boxing promoters, is now closing to his fall. Almost at the same time, his two "money makers", Tyson and Chavez, leave him and refuse being under Don King's Promotions Inc. management. Even both of them sue King for accusing he has done something unfair in different cases.

Mike Tyson, although still not clear with whom he will join, already stated a press release last February that he has no longer joined Don King's Promotions. Tyson is also known to sue Don King for US$ 100 million accusing him to make a fake fight contract. The disharmony relationship between them has been noticed since Tyson was released from jail two years ago. At that time Tyson who has decided to be a Muslim was angry because King served pork and alcoholic beverage which are not accepted by Muslim in Tyson's welcome party.

The Mexican Legend, Julio Cesar Chavez, has also officially stated to leave Don King Promotions and then joins King's serious competitor, Bob Arum, with his Top Rank Boxing. This tragic decision is done as the follow up that Chavez sued King for making fake insurance contract with an English insurance company, Lloyd's in 1991. The trial of this case is now being proceded in New York

It's clear that the King is falling. Bob Arum is now in a very good position to get as much money as possible from boxing. Top "money maker" fighters under Bob Arum's Top Rank management at the present are Evander Holyfield, Oscar de la Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez. Millions dollars are now getting closer to Arum's pocket, as he has planned to arrange big rumbles: de la Hoya vs. Chavez III, Holyfield vs. Lennox Lewis or Holyfield vs. Tyson III. These are Bob Arum's big business plan while Don King will be very busy with Tyson and Chavez' sues.

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