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Holyfield vs. Akinwande

Madison Square Garden, New York - June 6, 1998

Dateline: 05/28/98

After his two spectacular victories against "Iron" Mike Tyson, Holyfield, 33, is now preparing his coming fight against Henry Akinwande from UK to retain his WBA heavyweight title. This fight is scheduled for 12 rounds on June 6, 1998 at Madison Square Garden, New York. This fight is considered as a major fight, although actually most boxing fans expect Holy to fight against the WBC champion Lennox Lewis. This fight was postponed, as Holyfield must retain his WBA title against the 1st rank, Akinwande.

With his record of 35 (25 KO)-0-3, Holyfield, the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Game Lightheavyweight boxing gold medalist, seems to be too strong for Akinwande. Moreover, if we refer to Holy's genius performances against Tyson, we all believe that Akinwande has a very small chance to win the fight.

Akinwande's small confidence in preparing the fights could be seen from his decision to recruit the genius trainer Emanuel Steward from Kronk Boxing Gym, Detroit. Steward is known as a genius trainer after he has successfully trained top world fighters like Thomas Hearns, Chavez, de la Hoya, Lennox Lewis, etc. Before deciding to recruit Steward, Akinwande was trained by Don Turner, another genius heavyweight trainer who also trains Holy. Finally, Turner decided to keep training Holyfield.

Akinwande, 33, with record of 33 (19 KO)-1-1, performed very poor when he fought against Lewis last year. He was disqualified in round 5 after he did too many clinches in the fight. That is why some boxing analysts are pessimistic if Akinwande could gain a victory in the fight.

If there is no surprise or anything special, Holy will easily win the fight. But, anything could possibly happen in the ring. Please check Holyfield's and Akinwande's record and stats. This fight will be broadcast live by Pay per View TV. Just don't miss it.

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