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Oscar de la Hoya vs. Patrick Charpentier

Sun Bowl, El Paso, Texas - June 13, 1998 (HBO live)

This is the chance for de la Hoya to prove his existence in boxing world. After prolonged injury in his wrist, it seems de la Hoya's popularity has decreased. His fella boxing competitor, Prince Nassem Hamed, seems gets this opportunity to gather more fans than de la Hoya.

Although Charpentier is known as the first contender in WBC's welterweight, it seems (obviously) Oscar will easily win the match. He has faced greatest fighters in his career: Rafael Ruelas, John John Molina, Pernell Whitaker, Julio Cesar Chavez and the last, Miguel Angel Gonzales. While Charpentier? With his record of (26-4-1, 22 KOs) , we have not known the names of the boxers he has faced before.

This is not an underestimation, but it is the fact that Charpentier has small opportunity in this fight, unless the champion still has trouble with his injury. Even de la Hoya has setup re-match against Chavez on September 18, 1998 before he jumps to Middleweight.

Even in the polling that I held, de la Hoya against Charpentier position is currently 60% for de la Hoya, 25 % for Charpentier and the rest is the opportunity that the fight will result a draw. I myself predict de la Hoya will finish the fight before 10, scheduled for 12.


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