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de la Hoya Easily TKO'd Charpentier

Sun Bowl, El Paso, Texas - June 13, 1998 (HBO live)

As predicted before, Oscar de la Hoya ended Charpentier's struggle on 3rd round scheduled for 12 by TKO, after Charpentier was knocked down for the 3rd time in the round. With this victory, de la Hoya retained his WBC welterweight title for the 4th time.

The undefeated de la Hoya, 28-0, proved to the 50,000 crowd at Sun Bowl, El Paso, Texas, that he has fully recovered from his left wrist injury. This injury demanded his to be inactive for more than 6 months.

de La Hoya opening the fight at the first round with a deep analysis on the contender. In the second round, the champion started his threats to end the fight shortly. He landed sveral jabs hand right hooks to Charpentier's body.

In the 3rd round, obviously de la Hoya has won the fight. In less than 1 minute in that round, Charpentier has been knocked down following de la Hoya's speed combination of upper-cuts and hooks to the head and body. Charpentier woke up, but de la Hoya didn't give him a chance to recover.

De la Hoya ended the match after he sent a perfect straight to the chin, and it's all over. The referee stopped the fight and decided a TKO victory for the champion.

June 15, 1998

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