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Oscar de la Hoya vs Ike Quartey Fight Analysis

This fight perhaps can be categorized as the best in 1999 so far. This is an answer from Oscar that he’s capable enough to be the present King of Welterweight. Quartey dominated the fight from round 1 to 6, then de la Hoya gradually accumulate more points since round 8. Despite of the result, this was a super class match.

Round 1
Quartey was really an excellent jab puncher. In this first round, both fighters analyzed their opponent’s skill by exchanging jabs. De la Hoya intentionally threw upper cuts and hooks. Quartey also did the same thing. In the middle round, Oscar threw an excellent combination, but succesfully blocked by Quartey with his double cover. This round was tight.

Round 2
Quartey suddenly landed an excellent left hook to Oscar’s face. Oscar threw some punches, but they missed. In minute 2, de la Hoya landed a perfect right uppercut on Quartey’s chin. In the last minute, Ike Quartey succesfully threw an excellent right straight. This was Quartey’s round.

Round 3
Having good opportunity in round 2, Quartey became more aggressive. He chased de la Hoya with his "A Quality" jabs and straights. In one occasion, de la Hoya landed a good right straight on the chin, combined with a left hook to the body. In the last minute of the round, Quartey landed a big left hook. de la Hoya almost lost the balance in this round, and he was almost knocked down, but the bell saved him.

Round 4
Both didn’t punch so many as the in the previous rounds. Quartey kept disturbing de la Hoya with his jabs, but de la Hoya slipped them with his gloves. De la Hoya surrounded Quartey in one side of the ring in the last minute. Oscar de la Hoya got this round.

Round 5
Again, Quartey used his jabs to dominate against de la Hoya. De la Hoya missed a wild left hook in the first minute. They exchanged some hooks in the last 30 seconds. Quartey missed 2 powerful straight in the end. This round was another tight.

Round 6
Both opened the round with good jabs. Suddenly, a quick left shot from de la Hoya floored Quartey. Quartey stood up, to continue the fight. Then both traded punches in Iquartey’s corner, and a quick left hook knocked de la Hoya down. Quartey opressed de la Hoya, so de la Hiya had to clinch him. One bog left hook thrown by Quartey was again making de la Hoya almost knocked down. This was Quartey’s round.

Round 7
Quartey’s jabs were thrown in the first minute. De la Hoya came forward and making a punch trade. Oscar accumulated more points in this trade, but he almost lost his balance. This was a tight round.

Round 8
De la Hoya opened the round with a nice straight to Quartey’s face. Quartey didn’t look shocked with this powerful punch. In the last minute, both fighters, again, made a punch trade, but not many clean punches landed. De la Hoya accumulated more points in this round.

Round 9
Oscar opened the round with a nice combination. Somewere blocked by Quartey’s diuble cover, but de la Hoya landed a strong right uppercut on the body. Oscar was fired, and got more aggressive. Quartey landed big right punches, but countered by de la Hoya. De la Hoya missed 3 hooks when the bell rang. This round was for de la Hoya.

Round 10
De la Hoya threw a good jab on the chin, and Quartey almost lost his balance. De la Hoya chased, but Quartey ducked some of the punches. De la Hoya missed some wild hooks. Oscar finally landed a strong hook to the body, combined with a perfect hook on the chin. It was de la Hoya’s round.

Round 11
Oscar came forward, and threw a hook landed on Quartey’s face. Oscar was then slowing down and waiting to throw some counter punches. In the last minute de la Hoya cornered Quartey, but not many punches landed. It was another round for Oscar.

Round 12
Oscar fought toe-to-toe. It was a quick left hook thrown by de la Hoya making Quartey knocked down.. Quartey was back, but Oscar attacked him with some blows. At least there were 10 clean punches landed to Quartey’s head. Then de la Hoya was slowing down, exhausted. Too bad Quartey was also too tired to chase de la Hoya. It was a big round for Oscar.

My final scoring card shows 117-114 for Oscar de la Hoya, but it is debatable, as this is very subjective. However Ike Quartey has impressed me with his excellent jabs! And this fight became one of the biggest fight in the decade.

The first semi final of Welterweight has been over, and we’re waiting for the next semi final between Felix Trinidad vs Pernell Whitaker.

February 14, 1999

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