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Lennox Lewis - Evander Holyfield Analysis

We have seen together how Lewis and Holyfield fought for the heavyweight unification title. The result was very suspicious, and it could be said as a tragedy. Lewis dominated in the fight, and Holyfield who seemed in a big trouble in the fight was declared even in a monotonous fight. Let’s see the round by round analysis.

Round 1, Lewis threw jabs to keep the distance. Holyfield did not try to come inside. Lewis dominated this round with his jabs. It was Lewis’ round.

Round 2, Holyfield did not look well, and it was obvious in this round. Lewis was seemingly confused in this round. Not many punches landed in this round, so I think it’s an even round.

Round 3, Holyfield started to be aggressive. He promised to KO Lewis in this round, so he did it. Lewis was cornered in minute 2, but Holy couldn’t punch any strong clean punch. In the 3rd minute both Lewis and Holyfield made a punch trading. Holy landed 2 clean powerful straights in the last seconds. Lewis looked stiff as usual.

Round 4, Holyfield tried to come inside but stopped by Lennox Lewis. Lewis threw a good combination in the 2nd minute before Holyfield put him in the corner. Referee Mercante separated him due to the clinch done by :Lewis in the last second. It'’ another even round.

Round 5, Holyfield and Lewis traded jabs in the round opening. In one occasion Holyfield looked in pain and waited for Lewis on the rope. Lewis was doubt to throw a punch. This round was slightly for Lewis.

Round 6, Holyfield tried to come inside, but Lewis’ jab smashed Holyfield’s face in the 2nd minute. Lewis landed another 2 clean straights in the last minute. It’s again for Lewis’ favor.

Round 7, in minute 2 of the round, 2 clean uppercuts landed on Holy’s chin. Holy looked in trouble, but Lewis couldn’t use this occasion to knock down Holyfield. Holyfield in frustration missed 2 wild right hooks in the last minute. Lewis scored for this round.

Round 8, Holyfield tried to chase Lewis. Holyfield was able to throw a noce straight landed on Lewis’ face. Before the bell rang, Lewis landed some light jabs and straight to Holy’s face. I scored this round even.

Round 9, Lewis kept the distance by throwing jabs, Holy tried to come in, but he failed. No good punches landed in this round. It’s another even round.

Round 10, Realizing Lewis had accumulated more points, Holy tried to attack Lewis. Lewis was oppressed on the rope in the 1st minute. Nice combination of jabs and straights threwn by Holyfield in the first second of the 3rd minute. It was Holyfield’s round.

Round 11, Lewis again kept the distance and didnt give Holyfield any chance to fight him inside. Not many punches landed in this round. It was an even round.

Round 12, Holyfield tried to come in, but Lewis avoided it by throwing Holyfield to come inside by throwing jabs. Lewis’ jabs dominated this round. The last round was for Lewis.

I myself scored it 115-118 in favor of Lennox Lewis, but the judges decided it as a draw. Very tragic decision for Lennox Lewis. Please see Monte Cox’ analysis about the decision: The Lennox-Holyfield Tragedy.

March 1999

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