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05/28/98 - Holyfield vs. Akinwande
"The Iron Breaker" Holyfield will retain his WBA Heavyweight title against Akinwande. How are their chances?

05/18/98 - Does the King Fall?
The greatest promoter, Don King, is now facing big difficulties after his money factories, Tyson and Chavez leave him at almost the same time. Check it out for the stories behind

06/11/98 - de la Hoya vs. Charpentier
The Golden Boy is back after some delays due to his wrist injury. How is his chances?

06/15/98 - de la Hoya vs. Charpentier Result
de La Hoya, as predicted before, easily won the fight. Check for details.

06/20/98 - Top Heavyweight Champions of All Time
Who are the best of the best in the heavyweight?

07/07/98 - Holyfield Refuses US$ 20 Million
Why Holyfield did this?

07/15/98 - Roy Jones Jr. - Talent from God
See Roy Jones Jr.'s brief bio, and what he says about the jump to heavyweight.

08/18/98 - Evander Holyfield - The Holy Real Deal
See Holyfield's attractive in the ring and religious life. He's becoming a new legend.

09/10/98 - Julio Cesar Chavez - The Young Grandfather from Mexico
Chavez is too young! He's too young as a grandfather. Check about it and his preparation for the coming fight vs de la Hoya 2.

10/15/98 - 20 Best Mexican Fighters of All Time
An interesting article written by Steve Farhood, a well-known boxing columnist.

10/11/98 - My Life is Struggle
An Autobiography of Nelson Mandela.

12/15/98 - Another Christmas Without Dad
A Biography of My Dad.

01/18/99 - Raising in 1999
Fighters predicted to raise in 1999.

02/15/99 - War in the Valentine's Nite
Oscar de la Hoya - Ike Quartey Fight Analysis.

03/15/99 - A Controversy
Evander Holyfield vs Lennox Lewis Fight Analysis.

04/15/99 - Open Scoring System
A review on Open Scoring System.

05/15/99 - Oscar vs Tito Early Prediction
Jeff's early prediction on the most sensational fight of 1999.

July, 1999 - The Best of Current Welterweight
To know who's the best in the welterweight currently. Oscar? Tito? Ike? or...

August, 1999 - World Records
World Records of boxing, recorded by Guiness Book of World Records and Ripley's Believe it or Not.

September, 1999 Countdown to Oscar de la Hoya vs Felix Trinidad
A brief prediction of what would happen in the welterweight unification fight.