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Boxing Organizations of the World

WBA Official Page
The oldest world boxing organization
WBC Official Page
The prestigious world boxing organization
IBF-USBA Homepage
The third oldes boxing organization of the world is here
WBO Official Page
Newly born world boxing organization
WBF Official Page
Growing world boxing organization
WBU Official Page
World Boxing Union, the growing and expanding boxing body
IWBF Official Page
The prestigious International Woman Boxing Federation


Boston Sport Boxing Club
Join this boxing club, if you wanna be a world champion!
Women Boxing
You're a woman, but you wanna be a boxing champion, see this page!
Balazs Inc.
You wanna go shopping boxing merchandise? See this page!
Shadow Boxing
Learn basic techniques of boxing here!
History of Boxing
If you wanna learn the history of boxing
Boxing in Las Vegas & Nevada
New boxers promo, ticket information, etc.

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