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Hello Boxing Fans!

Itís me, Jeff, here. I am a big-big fan of boxing, so here it is, I dedicate this web page to the boxing world!

It took me almost 1 month to finish this web page, until closing the perfect one, but itís still too far away. I will need some inputs from you, or suggestions (swearings are also accepted, Pals!) in making this page closer to its perfection (huh!).

I always try hard to give you the most fresh news about world class boxing bouts, so you are invited to come again and again, and donít miss it even for a single blink!.

In this occasion, I will say thank you to all of you that have helped me create this page; thanks Tripod for the free 5 MB Space, Nett Adress for the free e-mail facility, special thanks also to Melanie Ley who has given me some inputs and suggestions about the amateur section in this page - thatís really valuable, Mel! My thanks are also addressed to all links in this page, Iíve chosen the best ones!

My project at the present is to encourage you building your own boxing web pages, then we can share and exchange our links. Please click the "Friendsí Pages" at the menu bar. If you already had your own, please let me know by e-mail, then I will check it out and put it in my page.

See ya Boxing Fans! VIVA BOXING!

May 1st, 1998