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Hi Fellas, these games are free for down load, just click the icon, and here you are for free! Once again, I tell you, they are absolutely for free!

Some games are in .zip file, so you must have the Winzip for windows, and then you must extract and reactivate them.

In case you have problems with it, please feel free to contact me by e-mail. I'll always here to assist you!

Just check it out, and have wonderful times with my game collection!

Best regards,


Other Free Download Games

Brain Game
Fun and cool game!
Pin Game
Big surprise!

Boxing Games - Free Down Load!

ABC World Boxing Game
A sophisticated boxing game with excellent graphics!
Trixmaster Flash Boxing Game
A sophisticated boxing game on the web. Very cool and newly submitted.
Rocky Boxing Game
This also cool, man! Just check it out!
Quensberry Boxing 98 (Demo Version)
Please down load demo version or purchase. Great graphics Boxing game!
Knock Out Kings
A new boxing game by EA Sports. Very cool and realistic, but I haven't found any idea how to download it.