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(since April 9, 1998)


Hi boxing fans! The real boxing world is so so tough these days. Let's clear our mind from such a tough thing. Then, thanks for visiting this page. You are in the correct place to clear up your minds, huh! Once again this is all free for you, and I will not take any bucks for this! This Rocky game page will run on DOS program (it seems not working on Windows, but please try, as I've never tried on Windows).

You will need to down load 2 files from my site, by clicking the underlined words:

1. Download this file : emulator

2. Then, download this file: Rocky Game File

Very simple, isn't it? If you face some difficulties, please do not hesitate to e-mail me. OK?

Best regards,



- Almost forgot, after downloading both files (.zip), you must extract it. OK? Enjoy good moments with Rocky Game! Hiya!