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Where you can find funny things happened in boxing. Please enjoy or send e-mail if you have stories

Battling Levinsky, US Light Heavyweight, was know as the maniac boxer with big passion to fight in the ring. One night, he took his girlfriend to attend an opera. Suddenly his manager contacted him to fight replacing a boxer who was supposed to fight in New York.
He was in rush to get a cab. Arriving at the arena, he grabbed someone else's gloves, stepped in the ring, and fighting. Levinsky won at the 2nd round against his opponent (unknown). Then, he returned to the opera house, and enjoying the show with his girlsfriend til the end. Really a fighting maniac!

Joe Frazier: "Kill the body and the head will die.", Joe Louis: "Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.", Willie Pep: "First your legs go. Then you lose your reflexes. Then you lose your friends.", Don King: "I never cease to amaze myself. And I say this humbly.", Sugar Ray Robinson: ""Hurting people is my business.", Randall "Tex" Cobb: ": "People always ask me if success is going to change me, and I tell them I sure hope so." (By Contenda)

In 1982, Ali Lukusa from Zaire was lost by KO in round 2 by Frank Bruno (UK) in West Berlin Sportshalle. After the match, Lukusa was hanging around the city for a sightseeing. Suddenly 4 people beat and robbed him. He was then left on the street. What a bad night! (ABA)

A young guy once asked the introvert heavyweight legend, John L. Sullivan how to face life. Sullivan replied, "Stay away from politic and learn boxing."

That title is a perfect advise for 1947's heavyweight world rank Joe Baksi. After defeating English champion,Bruce Woodcock, Baksi was scheduled to fight Joe Louis for a Heavyweight world title. After the duel, Baksi was hanging around in Europe and spent a lot of money there. When he should return to US, he almost run out of money, so he signed contract for a fight against local Sweden champion, Olle Tandberg in Stocholm. Baksi was lost on points due to his bad endurance. Then his promotor Mike Jacobs cancelled the schedule, and Joe Walcott replaced his position to fight Louis. Then, in the next fight vs Ezzard Charles, Baksi was again defeated.

LONDON (AFP), February 10, 199 - Britain’s Herbie Hide has withdrawn from his World Boxing Organization (WBO) Heavyweight title defense against American Orlin Norris in Newcastle on Saturday.

Promoter Frank Warren’s Sports Network Organization said on Monday that Norwhich fighter Hide was suffering from a skin allergy that has been plaguing him for several weeks.

It is a second time the fight has fallen through, with Norris pulling outof scheduled bouts last year due to knee injuries.

Hide’s withdrawal is the second blow for the bill, with Britton Kevin Lueshing’s WBO light-middleweight title challenge to Namibian Harry Simon called off last week. Jeff.

March 99. Before the unification bout of Evander Holyfield vs Lennox Lewis, an Indonesian TV station interviewed some people to predict the results of the fights. Here are 2 funny comments from 2 ladiesI found:

1. "I think Holyfield will win because he resembles to my husband".
2. "Holyfield rules! Because his bald is very sexy!"


  • First heavyweight bout in Madison Square Garden, NY: Jess Willard retaining his title against Frank Morran on March 15, 1916.
    Joe Frazier defeated Muhammad Ali by decision in a stunning 15 rounds fight. 20,455 audience flooded the arena on March 8, 1971. This is the first ticket sold out in NY MSG.
  • Ali defeated Frazier in a non 12 rounds non-title bout. It's another ticket sold out in MSG.
  • Before the Lennox-Evander bout, there was 19 heavyweight title bouts, including 13 unification bouts.
  • Jack Dempsey retained his title twice here, and Joe Louis was undefeated in his 8 fights in NY MSG.
  • Riddick Bowe unified WBA/IBF titles after beating Michael Dokes at round 1 on February 7, 1993. This was the last heavyweight title bout before Lennox vs Evander.
  • Holyfield-Akinwande was scheduled to fight in MSG, but it was cancelled.
  • Many heavyweight legends Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Joe Louis, Jack Dempsey, Larry Holmes, Ezzard Charles have fought here. Who's next?

    Jr. Welterweight champion Tony Canzoneri (USA) is the shortest word champion titlist, 33 days only (from May 21 until June 23, 1933) - Guiness Book of World Records.

    The controversial decision of Lewis vs. Holyfield in March 1999 couldn’t be accepted by some of their fellow fans. In Philippines, on March 18, 1999, 2 workers argued and quarreled in supporting their own idols, and finally they fought using knives.
    The Holyfield’s fan was killed and Lewis’ was badly injured in the incident. Does it mean Lennox Lewis really deserved to win the fight?
    Some years ago, I did also hear the similar thing when 2 fellow Phillipinos fought and killed his friend when they argued about which came out first, egg or chicken. (Jeff)

    Sixto Soria (Cuba) was a favorite as the gold medalist in 1976 Montreal Olympic. He kayoed his three opponents before he fought Leon Spinks in the final. Soria was sure he would also kayo Spinks easily. Soria then threw as many powerful punches as possible as the first round started. Spinks was not easily punched, even when Soria was exhausted, Spinks took the turn to punch him to kayo. Spinks got the gold medal following his brother Michael in Welterweight. After the fight, Soria admitted that Spinks was really a tough marine. (Dan/Go)

    NORVELL LEE, USA’s 1952’s Helsinki Olympic Game team member, fought for his country in Lightheavyweight. Actually he was a heavyweight boxer, and he must decrease his weight for about 12 punds before the competition. Surprisingly, Lee got the gold medal after defeating Antonio Pacenza from Argentina.
    When he returned to USA with his Olympics pride Lee realized it was all nothing. He was arrested in his own hometown Covingto, Kentucky which race discrimination law was still valid at that time. He was arrested only because he queued among the Whites at a bus stop! (Dan/Go)

    Joe de John really a no heart boxer! When he fought Henry Kid Lee in Buffalo, 1951, John knocked down Lee twice in round 2. John again knocked down Lee in the next round. When Lee was crawling on the canvas and trying to stand up, Lee’s corner men waived their hands to give up. The referee also waived his hands to sign the fight was over. John thought the referee asked to continue the fight. John then sent punished Lee to kayo. There’s no further news the decision of this fight. (Go)

    Bobby Ruffin vs Johny Greco was almost cancelled. Ruffin was bored to wait the fight time, so he decided to walk outside the arena. When he returned to the arena, the announcer was announcing the match was cancelled because Ruffin was missing. Ruffin run and entered the ring to carry on the fight. This fight was declared a draw. (Go)

    Boxer AL COUTURE won the fastest knockout in boxing history by punching out Ralph Walton after only half a second had passed in the fight! (Jeff from Ripley's Believe It or Not!)

    JODY BERRY, 1950's pro heavyweight boxer, was the first boxer known to switch career as a professional singer in a nite club in Chicago. -Jeff-

    Freddie "Red" Cochran got his welterweight title after defeating Fritzie Ivic in July 1949. Then while he should retain his title, and big money was waiting, he must join the US Army in the World War 2 – so his title was freezed.
    After the war, Cochran had the chance to retain his title. Too bad, he has lost his condition after being a soldier. Cochran was KO’d by Marty Servo in round 4. (Dan/Go Magazine, from many sources)

    1895, Bob Fitzimmons was almost lost from his opponent, James J. Corbett in a world championship in Carson, Nevada. He had bruises on his face and badly injured. Seeing this, Rose, Fitzimmon’s wife, who was sitting on the ring side, cried and screamed louder than Fitzimmon’s trainer, "Hit the rib, Bo! Hit the rib!" Fitzimmon followed his beloved wife’s instructions, and started hitting Corbett’s rib. Finally Fitzimmon won by KO in round 14 in the deadly duel… "Thanks, honey!" (Dan/Go magazine)

    Tony Canzonery had a bad habit, he smoked cigarettes after training. His fellow sparring partner, Lou Ambers, has warned him about the bad habit but neglected by Canzonery.
    In 1936 they fought for the world lightweight title. Ambers won the duel. After the fight, Ambers came to Canzonery, and said, "You know Tony, I always warned you not to smoke cigarettes. And this is the result of neglecting my advice…" (Dan/GO Magazine)

    The Heavyweight legend, Archie Moore (US) has the record of 194-26-8, 1 No Contest (141 KO) from 1936-1965, is known as boxer with most wins by KO in Guiness’ Book or World Records.

    A Good Teacher
    US’ WILLIE LEWIS, a Welterweight world champion, before the World War 1 was so popular in France. Knowing his fame, he often exhibited his skill. He often sparred with some young local French boxers, when he trained himself in a gym in Paris. Lewis played with these kids by throwing his famous jabs and straights only.
    Years after, in 1912, Lewis fought a young opponent from French George Charpentier in Paris Hall. Lewis was so embarrassed being defetead by Charpentier on decision. The young champion practiced his jabs and straight he learned from Lewis more effectively that Lewis did. (Dan of Go Magazine)

    The Best Psy War
    Hartford, Connecticut, 1901. Terry "Terrible" McGovern (Featherweight Champion) fought his opponent Young Corbett. At that time McGovern was really a terrible fighter for his opponents. His punches are really terrible, and he often ko’d his opponents in early rounds.
    Before the fight, Corbett made a psy war by slamming McGovern’s dressing room and shout, "Come out, you chicken bastard! Go to hell with your loss!" The angry McGovern was lost by KO in round 2. (Dan from Go)

    One Hand Show
    1927. Jack Delaney, the light heavyweight world champion, got a broken arm in a street fight when he got drunk one night before his chanpionship fight. He kept his injury as a big secret, until he fought in the ring. He fought his opponent Jim Maloney with only one hand. And of course Delaney was lost his title. (Dan from Go)

    Longest Career
    Bob Fitzimmons fought in 1883-1914, has the longest career, recorded in Guiness' Book of World Records. (Dan from Go)

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